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Staff / Personal Attack and Location Systems

  • We can provide you with a system that caters for all types of personal attack situations
  • We can help you evaluate your circumstances and assist you to develop a system which meets your individual needs
  • We can install a completely new system or we can work with your existing system to repair, replace and enhance it.
  • We can offer you complete flexibility to decide how to initiate a call, who can initiate calls and how calls urgent calls are indicated
  • We can offer different ways to alert staff
  • We can offer ways to locate the call origin
  • We can offer you ways to differentiate between patient calls and staff calls
  • We can offer 3 ways to reset calls, and you can choose the method that aligns with your policy
  • we can combine different technologies to create a more robust system for example combining wireless system and an interactive infra red system

Here are an example of some of the products we can provide. If you need further information, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you

Call Management Software
Call Management Software allows you to record and store all 700 systems activity on your personal computer. Giving you immediate access to information, it is easy to access the call history of a resident, keeping you in charge of your home or hospital. Staff pagers can also be controlled from your computer, allowing free text messages to be sent to individual pagers. The I/P power supply used on all large projects has an inbuilt memory of in excess of 30 million events.
EDT25-22 Door Monitoring Point/Access Control Point
The EDT25-22 Door Monitoring Point is used to protect fire doors, entrance and exit doors or other sensitive areas. The unit is controlled with the use of a key token, which performs all functions when brought near the token detection area on the facia. The unit features integral 20 second exit timer with audible bleep and mode jumper to prevent sensitive or dangerous exit doors being permanently left open. The unit is supplied with one magnetic token.
EDT25-24 Overdoor Light
Overdoor lights are an optional item normally positioned above the door in a corridor to indicate the status of the call points(s) within the room. The EDT25-24 can also be used to monitor several call points for end of corridor indication, or as a "follow me" light. Each unit is fitted with twin ultra-bright LED’s which mimic the reassurance indicator on the call points. The EDT25-24S unit operates in the same way as the standard overdoor light but also features an integral sounder
EDT25-25 Remote Sounder with Relay
Remote sounders are used in areas where an audible alarm is required to attract attention but no indication of call location is required. The sounder is similar in operation to a display unit with a multi level alarm, but has limited zoning facilities. Any assistance or emergency call on the system will over-ride the standard call tone. The unit is fitted with a relay that provides normally open and normally closed ‘dry’ contacts, which can be used to trigger auxiliary devices.
EDT25-27 Corridor Display Unit
The large LED display unit can be clearly seen and read from 5 metres and is ideal for larger homes and hospitals, as it allows busy staff to easily see who is calling at a glance. Call information is clearly displayed in full alphanumeric text on the 16 character illuminated display and a built in audible tone alerts staff to the call.
Infra Red Trigger
The Infra Red Trigger allows calls to be made from any location covered by the system. It operates by triggering the local infra red call point when the button is pressed, or pin is pulled. Allowing the exact location of the resident to be displayed. All 700 series call points are infra red enabled and accept the signals from the triggers. In addition, when using the trigger with a 700 system, it is possible to identify the call location and the individual caller. The type of call is software selectable in an engineering mode.
Printers and alphanumeric Pagers
Printers and alphanumeric pagers can be connected to the system with the L747 Universal interface. The printer provides a permanent printed record of all system activity together with date and time. Pagers can be configured to display calls made on the system as they would appear on the display unit. This allows staff to carry on with their work without having to worry about missing calls. Pagers can also be specially configured to only receive certain calls or calls at certain times of the day. The I/P power supply can hold this information until it is required.
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