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Service and Maintenance

All our service work is carried out by experienced engineers. We aim to provide a wide range of services and product support on all products supplied by Edison Telecom. We are also happy to look at other products and equipment and we can quite often offer quick effective solutions. Below are a list of services which we are quite happy to undertake on the majority of manufacturers' equipment. Please contact us here for further information and a quotation.

Workshop Repairs
Pocket pagers
Paging transmitters
Nursecall pagers.
Nursecall transmitters
Hand units
Unit reprogramming
Other nursecall peripheral devices.
Workshop Services
Product development
Nursecall manufacture
Prototype development
one off manufacture
Specials (to your specifications)
Onsite Maintenance
System faults
Peripheral faults (sometimes removed from site to workshop for testing)
Routine maintenance
Service calls
System checking
Site testing
Battery replacement
Onsite services
Installation of new nursecall systems
Extensions of existing nursecall systems
Installation of telephone systems
Expansion of existing systems
Cabling hardwired systems
Commissioning nursecall systems
Service level agreement
Maintenance agreements
Other services
Lease negotiation
Sale or return (on some products)
Enabling work
Temporary systems