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Nursecall Systems (Wired and Wireless)

  • We can supply you with a totally new nursecall system.
  • We can work with your existing system and can repair, replace and extend it using compatible products which make your existing system more affordable.
  • We can supply you with a wide range of products, some of which are detailed below.
  • We can deal with all types of installations from large and complex to the simplest nursecall system.
  • Most of the products we use are available in a range of finishes to suit your needs.
  • We can advise you on both wired and wireless products.

If you are looking for an item that isn't listed on this page, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you

Displays, flush or surface-mounted unit with alphanumeric display, to fit a two-gang UK box It should indicate the type of call and precise location of activation. The Display is to have two x 14 character LCD text, backlit with integral buzzer, or providing sounder support. The sounder is to have a day/night sound level adjustment, controlled with a time clock.
Infra Red Detectors
Addressable ceiling or wall mounted units, the receivers are to have unique address and LEDs that indicate ‘alarmed’ and ‘test’ conditions. Alarm calls are to flash red; Test silent calls are to be green. Each receiver unit is to be installed at least 800mm from high frequency fluorescent lights/light source to avoid any potential interference.
Overdoor Light Room Controller (plastic)
Overdoor light room controller with optional up to 3 levels of call Reassurance light/control of other functions  Isolation of room call button Nurse presence  Reset of call This can also be used in conjunction with Dementia Controls.
Overdoor Lights
Fixed ceiling or wall-mount unit should fit standard UK boxes and installed outside and above the entrance door to a room/group of rooms/area. The lamp is to have green and red LEDs of high intensity. Three levels of call should activate the red LED at different flash rates. The green LED is to signify “isolated” or testing. The LEDs are to be covered by a translucent white cover.
Patient Call Points
A flat flush mounted plate with stainless steel button and a key reset. The Edison call button can be an anti-ligature mushroom button.
Personal Triggers
Twin code infra-red transmitter that is a small portable unit for belt fixing with movable pin (Note. This should not detach itself from the unit); pulse-coded infra-red transmitter operating continuously when the button on its base is pressed and when the retaining pin is pulled. Finished in ABS and polycarbonate material, complete with 12v alkaline battery and attached to person by strap, “dog lead clip”, or standard nurse clip. The battery is replaceable by hospital staff and is available on the high street.
Power Supply
12V power supply unit with battery back-up and charging facilities for the whole installation to be complete with all necessary solid state circuitry boards. The PSU requires a 240V mains supply via a 3amp fused spur. All units are connected utilising the cable as above on a data ring or T off to the data ring junction box that is in turn connected to the PSU. The junction boxes are to be fused and to incorporate LED indication of healthy circuits and isolate in the event of a problem, to obviate complete system failure. Any fault is to be reported either individually or as a block. Portable hand held tester unit for receiver units shall be provided. This is to be an enclosed box with mains adapter, to allow the personal infra red transmitter to be tested without setting the system off. The contractor shall allow for demonstrating the system operations to the client prior to hand-over of the building and also after the staff have settled into the new surroundings. A minimum of two demonstrations may be required.
Push Button Plate
Proposed 2 gang stainless steel push button plate with infra red window and key reset switch.   To fit a standard British 2 gang flush box.   Key reset can also be used to isolate the button not affecting the infra red function.
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